About Us

Developing self-sufficient and self-sustaining Mathematics Lesson Study Hubs across London.

The project is currently run in three London councils including Camden, Croydon and Redbridge where Lesson Study based Mathematics Hubs are being developed to drive excellence in New Curriculum Mathematics teaching and learning.

Camden, Croydon and Redbridge schools have joint hands to form Lesson Study Mathematics Hubs which use lesson study as a practical inquiry tool to develop and mobilise practice knowledge about new curriculum mathematics learning.

The program is led by Pete Dudley who introduced LS to the UK and Jean Lang who has led its development. Nigel Bufton (ex-Mathematics lead HMI and National Strategies Director supports the mathematics element of the program. Each Lesson Study Mathematics Hub is led locally by Mathematics Lead Professionals in its region. The aim is for each hub to develop into self-sufficient and self-sustaining communities of mathematics practice.